by Marie-France Prayal

I had been looking for a female Coton de Tulear for a while and had contacted a few breeders. Early June, I receive a call from Belgium: a small 2 1/2 years old female, known as Ruby would be ready to leave immediately. I obtained information on her background and history: Ruby can no longer remain in the care of her current owner seeing her new spouse does not like dogs... and Ruby must stay on the veranda, until a new home is found for her. Ruby's fate is very moving to me. Moreover, I am assured that Ruby, with a little TLC, could become a beautiful show bitch and would also be ready for breeding shortly. I finally decide to welcome her in my home. However, this is far from being the end of Ruby's story! She must fly here from Belgium and it appears that Nova Scotia and the city of Halifax are not featured on the Europeans' map. More or less complicated flight arrangements were suggested. Ensuing lengthy hours of telephone conversations, a decision is made to personally pick-her up in Montreal, a 919 kilometers (550 miles) drive!!

I suddenly find myself on the road for Montreal with my daughter Sophie to get Ruby, the unloved. Luckily all goes well at the airport with no lengthy delays before the sudden encounter. Really, to look bad, the coat is spoiled and damaged, dirty, with mats on legs, but what a welcome! She is immediately receptive, she licks and cuddles... She rapidly finds a place in the car on our way back home.

At home, Ruby is very receptive with my other dogs. Evidently, they will have to accept her which is not always the case. She now sleeps with my other daughter Karyne which appears to be a satisfactory arrangement for both of them. a good bath improves Ruby's coat condition: firstly, we discover that she is whiter than gray, and that her markings ar not as dark as they seemed... Ruby has a very good temperament. she is patient, docile and affectionate. She growls like a little piggy from satisfaction, rarely barks, loves to play ball and lets the other dogs know when enough is enough when they tease her.

We have found Ruby a new mate and the breeding is scheduled for sometime in July. All in all, I do not regret my decision. She is not of excellent condition, particularly with her current trim given her the appearance of a long poodle, but what expressive eyes and what gratitude! Welcome home Ruby the unloved who, I hope, will soon become Ruby the loveable!

THE COTON MALGACHE, Volume 1, Summer 1996, No 3

Polana Cotons & Pons

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