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Scenes in several acts...

Players: Monique and Marie-France, two ambitious Cotons de Tulear breeders. Mr. Coton, a lusty champion male who is currently much in demand. Mrs. Coton, a wonderful female, expert champion in the whelping profession.
Locations: At Marie-France's and Monique's home, Canadian Tire and Wallmart stores, school hallway.
Accessories: Telephone (private and public), computer, books on breeding, and other several small objects which will be introduced a little later..

SCENE ONE: A telephone call from Marie-France to Monique: "Monique, this is it! Day 1 for Mrs. Coton! She just started her heat! I will send her to you on her 10th day. Is this OK with you?"

"Of course Marie-France. Mr. Coton is in excellent shape both in body and in mind and he will be more than pleased to see Mrs. Coton again. I am sure all will go well. Call me back once you know of the flight arrangements and time of arrival."

SCENE TWO: "Marie-France, I'm so discouraged! Nothing seems to work! Mr. Coton no longer seems interested in Mrs. Coton although she is still standing and time is running out! I even tested her with Mr. SuperCoton, my top stud dog who never falls and even he wasn't interested in Mrs. Coton. I don't know anymore and I'm not so confidant about this wheelping. I'll keep Mrs. Coton for another couple of days and dilate her a few moretimes but don't get your hopes up too high."

(Marie-France sitting at her computer cerebrating the situation. She decides to e-mail Monique:) Monique, one must not get discouraged! You must try at least to AI (Artificial Insemination) her. According to my books, it is very simple and you have seen lots. I have trust you. (The e-mail proves to be effective, and Monique regains confidence. She decides to AI).

SCENE THREE: (Marie-France in her school hallway discussing breeding issues with Monique on the public phone): "Marie-France, I have everything for the AI, but the ideal pipette! I have the tupperware cup, very clean, the seringe, the gloves, the lubricating gel, the consenting male, no problem, but the pipette! I scoured the entire house and the garage for a pipette! It must not be too small, too large, too thin, too soft, too hard and rigid, too thick, too long, too short, nor coloured, etc..."

Marie-France still on the public phone, a little embarrassed to discuss within ear shot of students coming and going, issues of semen, erection, breeding, dilatation, dog penis and ejaculation and of pipettes fitting nicely and comfortably into Mrs. Coton's vagina. In the end, she suggests to Monique a visit at Canadian Tire store as apparently one can find just about everything there...

Monique sitting at her computer, sends the following e-mail to Marie-France: I finally went to Canadian Tire and found a small plastic tube in the plumbing department like the one I used to have, but this one is softer and more pliable. Guest how much: 17 cents a foot! And I had not brought any cash but my cheque book... on my way to the cashier's desk, I decided to grab a few items so I could write a cheque without the embarrassment... Imagine that!!! a 17 cents cheque??? The salesman was asking all kinds of questions as to why I needed a tube that small... Unable to explain why I needed such a tube, my face must have turned rooster red... Can you imagine my predicament???? As I frenzied my way toward the closest cashier's desk!!! Egad!!! At least a dozen customers in line and all ahead of me!!! I thought to myself: it will have to rain cats and dogs or hell will have to freeze over before I leave this store without my pipette!!!"

The next day, Monique sends another e-mail to Marie-France: "I returned to the store last night in the hopes of finding another pipette, but a little more on the thinner side and not as stiff and rigid as the first... Just in case... There isn't one hook at Wallmart that I haven't scrutinised religiously for a pipette! By closing time, my vision was double and all this eye straining made everything blurred. I could see pipettes everywhere but never one like the one I had in mind... I had the impression that everyone could read my mind like I was some sort of maniac, masochist, ready for some mean mischief... If only asking for assistance wasn't so embarrassing... Like a child in a candy store, there I was in the fish department face to face with a plethora of choices... Unfortunately, all too stiff (not the fish, but the pipettes...) Merchandise in hand, I finally scurried my way to the cashier's desk with a plastic skipping rope, a bow peep sight set, and a small pipette for a spray mist bottle... As means to conceal my great pipette capping quest, I bought a pack of gum, a pair of shorts, a sleeveless sweater, and a bottle of shampoo for my dogs. Frankly, my life seems to have become an eternal quest for the perfect pipette! Ha yes, if the AI's are successful, you will have to name the first born "Pipette" This said, I will try the coupe together again tonight. Prayers please... Seriously... Prayers!!!!

SCENE FOUR: After 3 AI's, Monique calls Marie-France: "This is it, Mrs. Coton is all bathe and rolled up, ready to fly back home, but... I'm still not sure... Mr. Coton still seems interested and he is turning into a mad bear but he just can't penetrate in spite of all the dilatations... Mrs. Coton is still standing albeit her 17th day but she still won't allow penetration... Any suggestions??? Well, its too late anyway, I must leave for the airport or else I'll miss the flight... I will call you back to confirm her departure."

One hour later: Another call from Monique to Marie-France only this time Monique is happy and excited: "I have to tell you that I had a change of heart as I arrived at the airport so I returned home with Mrs. Coton. I wanted to be absolutely sure I had not missed her. The first thing I did as I entered the house was to put the couple together for one last try and "EUREKA"! it worked just like that and on their first try!!! Mr. Coton smoothly and perfectly aimed his fully loaded pipette and Mrs. Coton wilfully accepted the load! I'll now happily send you Mrs. Coton!

SCENE FIVE: 25 day later, Marie-France calls Monique: "Mrs. Coton is pregnant! My vet quickly confirmed it! She felt several puppies! At least four! Hooray for Monique's pipette!"

MORAL OF THE STORY: What must be learned from this story? First, never loose hope or get discouraged. We must trust our dog's instinct for they know when the time is right! Is it Monique's pipette? Mr. Coton's pipette? God only knows but the results are there: in a few weeks, five little puppies with one named Pipette will be born. And should you need AI consultation or should you be seeking for THE perfect pipette, do not hesitate to call Monique!

THE COTON MALGACHE, Volume 2, No 3, Summer 1997

Polana Cotons & Pons

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