Sophie Prayal-Brown

 So many days has my mother asked me to write this article, and so many ideas have crossed my mind, however not satisfying my needs to make this article worth while. Nevertheless, this evening as I was going to bed, I saw my dog Bibite climb in bed… making me realize that I should of written about this earlier!

My favourite dog which is of course, Bibite, who also happens to be my shadow 24/7, sleeps with me every night. Where she sleeps, all depends on various of events that occurs before bedtime. If per say, we had a fight for…I don’t know, I locked her in the bathroom as I came out ( which usually ends up with Bibite yapping out loud until I come back to free her). Well, if this happens, she will be upset, therefore will sleep to the complete opposite side of my room, staring directly at me with her oh-so-irresistible eyes probably thinking, ”why on earth did you do that to me??”. However, on a good night, she will jump into bed before me and steal my pillow. When I had enough of sleeping of the square inch of the pillow corner, she will then go under my bed and sleep right under where my head rests. This little habit of hers, always makes me smile. On other nights after a  big sigh from her, I feel safe knowing that if there’s really is a boogie man under my bed, I can always rely on Bibite in keeping me safe. If Bibite and I just watched a movie together, she typically ends up as a pot of glue stuck to me right under my covers curled up in my body’s position. Of course this sounds all cute and sweet, but to be honest having to sleep with a dog every night do have it’s ups and downs. For example:

  1. If Bibite sleeps with me, this means half of the bed belongs to her therefore I usually end up sleeping with my legs all curled up to make room for Bibite who is spread across the end of the bed like cream cheese on a bagel.
  2. In winter, we both like the pillow, therefore both uses it at night. It’s ok for me to share, but Bibite does move at night, resulting in me getting kick by her in the back as she runs after a imaginary cat. Or simply being pushed into the crack between the bed and the wall.
  3. Bibite also seems to have snoring habits when she has had a big day. This is unlucky for me, because my room is situated on top of my parents bedroom. I usually don’t fall asleep within the first few hours of the night because from my parents room I hear this snore that sounds like a duck being strangled and right beside me I have a low vibrant snore. But as the night goes on, the both snores usually ends up in synchronizing one another and only then can I fall asleep.

 None the less, I am very happy to share my bed with Bibite. She provides warmth to my feet, keeps me feeling safe at night, always give me more than one kiss goodnight and I think personally everyone agrees that its always good to share a bed with someone whether it’s a dog, cat, or human!

 Sophie Prayal-Brown

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