by Sophie Prayal-Brown 

Look into my eyes, you'll see, what she means to me. Words cannot describe what I feel for her. Her heart is big and strong and there's no love like her love. She's the perfect friend.

She's there when I need cheering and never judges anyone. She has the most reflective eyes, which portrays the love she has for me. She has a very active lifestyle, exercising daily. Although her voice can pierce ears, I love her nonetheless. She has her enemies and friends, but I am the most treasured one of all. We spend numerous hours together, no matter where I go she follows willingly. We watch movies together, read books together, discover the world together. We've traveled everywhere and have countless memories of good and bad times. She enjoys my loud music. She doesn't mind my arrogance and tolerates my mood swings. I can share all my secrets with her and know they will never be revealed. She is forgiving and trustworthy. She is my guardian angel, my shadow and my best friend forever. She is my dog and her name is Bibite. I love you Bibite! Thank you for being there for me, I hope to repay the favor.

The Coton Malgache, Volume 1, Issue 2, May 96

Polana Cotons & Pons

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