by Marie-France Prayal

When one find's ones house, with nine Cotons, four PONs, 2 cats, 2 birds, 1 hamster and a multitude of pet mice, it would seem that three girls, one fanatic breeder would be sufficicent to fill the wildest desires of any animal loving family person. How does one go about convincing the resident Male that it is very important to add yet another four-legged fur ball to the menagerie? THat was dilemma facing the female human contingent of the Prayal-Brown household. Without saying a word to the youngest member of the family, mother, and daughter set off to the airport to make a rendez-vous with Bobinette, soon to be the newest addition to the Polana Clan.

"But Mom, Dad will be furious if he finds out that we have another dog! Said Sophie, wath are we going to do?" After a few moments, "I know! Why not find a box and some ribbon and give Dad another birthday gift! And so became the first of many adventures for Papa and Moe the four-legged fur ball birthday gift. Caught completely by surprise, the full impact of becoming a surrogate parent of a 7 weeks old pup did not hit me until the following morning when I casually mentioned to one of my bilingual colleagues that I had received a wonderfull gift from my loving wife and daughters. Playing word games in both official languages, led us through the posttraumatic experience of the previous evening. Building on a run of French words, we finally hit upon the word Maux (means "trouble") or Malheur (means "unfortunate trouble"), which could be easily transposed to a bilingual version Moe, same pronunciation, and different sense.

The smile and the little bright brown eyes and apricot ears of the little Coton convinced Dad that a new puppy, his very own puppy, was not such a bad idea after all! So, began the routine of 5:30 in the morning, trotting outside to do her business and the all important morning activities such as washing ones' feet in the water dish and then washing part of the kitchen floor. Sharing with bigger PONs Cali and Zoo the morning breakfast of dry granola and the odd morsel of food that just "accidentally falls" from the tabletop. Usually, there is enough puppy energy to tackle any other four-legged member who happens to get up at the same time. Adapting to the household was not a problem for the newest and smallest member of the clan. Very curious, full of energy and kisses for anyone that gives her a hug, this little pup has carved out an enviable niche in the heart of all those who have come to know her.

Lary Brown, with the help of Sophie and Marie-France, October 29, 2001

Polana Cotons & Pons

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