I went to the vet with Marigold, her brothers and sister, when they were 6 weeks old. My vet was not optimistic about her. We decided not to give her the first vaccine and wait to see how she would develop.

I was talking to my very good friend, Lynne, who is a Chiuhuahua breeder. Recently she had a puppy with similar problems and he was now doing much better. I went to see her with Marigold. Lynne was much more optimistic than my vet. She suggested some reinforcement exercices for Marigold’s legs and neck.

Back home, she started to eat Starter Mousse (Royal Canin) by herself. I couldn’t put her with her brothers and sister as she was not strong enough to defend herself. She stayed in her pen, watching and even started to bark at them !

I went outdoors on the grass and I was really surprised to see her using her legs. It was a great improvement.

Lynne called me one day, offering to take care of Marigold. I accepted as it was the best thing that could happen to her. So its off to Lynne’s house, Marigold and me.

Lynne started Marigold’s exercices in water, on a tread mill, massages and prepared good food. She was also more than welcomed with all her Chiuhuahuas who were very curious about this little white wooly thing.

Lynne took Marigold to her vets for a complete exam and perhaps a vaccine. 3 vets evaluated her. Their comments : puppy presented does not walk well IF at all with front legs. Very lethargic and quiet at time of exam. Over all health was very good and she seems content. Lungs clear and she has an over bite. Eats a puree of baby food and goat’s milk. Significant heart murmur grading about 4-5 out of 6.  Heart rate at 168 very high. Significant molara.    Given puppy shots.

Lynne sent updates frequently about Marigold and her progress. She has now a very good Chiuhuahua friend, Dodo : Dodo is so kind he carried her over a piece of dry kibble yesterday and dropped it in front of her nose then went back to get himself one and ate it along side of her. He’s such a gentleman and he did this for about half an hour.


I went for a visit and I was really surprised by her progress ! She is now walking, following her friends, she comes when you call her AND she loves to cuddle and give kisses.

Comments from the second visit to the vets : Puppy presented… RUNS--use of front legs is significantly better and extremely happy over all. Wonderful disposition and very strong. Very nice weight gain and her growth is better as well her coat has a nice texture and fullness. Over bite is still there. Heart has improved rate at 120 in play and active, much better and the murmur is down graded to 3-4 out of 6 and only heard at the ventral cautil of the chest.  (lower end of the heart itself). Excellent improvement and with more exercise and growth perhaps she can outgrow this more in time.   Molara is still present. Second shot given and ok for Revolution.

Over all the vet was truly amazed and pleased with the puppy. The head falls still slightly to the one side but she is optimistic  that the muscle and tendons can be strengthened in time to properly support her head ; an amazing little girl.

Last update : she is now able to go up and down the 3 stairs to the garden ! Nothing will stop this little girl !

Marigold had a difficult start in life. With Lynne’s help, she now has a good quality of life, she has friends and she is well-loved. Yes, it takes a lot of work, but overall, we took the right decision for her. We don’t know how long she will live but we are sure she will continue to enjoy every day in this world.

A big thank you Lynne for all you did and will do for her. Your faith, willingness and tenacity to see the potential has made us all believers.







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