Moving In with Four-Legged Friends!

By Allison Mair

I had never been away from my parents for longer than a week and here I was making the decision to move out for 6 months! Since the first time I met the family (including the four legged members), I have always felt welcome. I met Sophie in Seventh Grade and we instantly clicked. Since that moment, we have never been apart; always calling each other, emailing each other, staying in constant contact throughout the years. That contact was taken a step further, when I moved in with Sophie and her family at the beginning of September. I was always aware of the fact that her family consisted of more dogs than humans, however, it never seemed to bother me.

 Living in a kennel with the “cotons” seemed quite normal to me, since I had been around them for so long. I love living with the dogs. I feel safe at night and alert during the day. Nothing gets past those dogs! I love coming down in the morning and greeting all the dogs. Some are a little more enthusiastic about my descent, although others like to grab a hold of my pants as I try to make my way to the kitchen! What an adventure! While living here, I have found myself a shadow! Tommi, a female member of the clan, has made a permanent home in my bed! At night, I find myself sharing my bed with Tommi, however, I wouldn’t consider it sharing, bearing in mind she takes more than half of the bed for herself!!! I love her nonetheless. She follows me everywhere and whines when I’m away. What a dog!

I also share the room with another dog… Boule! Boule is such a sweet dog. She is this white ball of fluff who always takes up the couch. She loves sleeping in (just like me! Haha!) When it is finally time to wake up, I have to carry her downstairs. She is quite the intelligent dog, always ready to cuddle! I love Boule too, she is unique! Living here isn’t as unusual as people think. The dogs are very friendly and I consider them to be part of my family. At the beginning, it seemed unreal, I couldn’t believe I was part of the large household, however, I can feel it now. The dogs know me and I know them. I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t gone through with this experience. Living here is part of me now and I’m loving it!



Polana Cotons & Pons

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