Hello, my name is Oups and I’m from the Domaine de Polana. I will be 1 year old on July 3rd.

First, I would like to talk to you about my name, Oups. I don’t really know why my Human chose this name. For me, it is like Oups… there’s a problem. Really, I don’t think I’m a problem. Oh now I remember, my Human follows the French rule for naming dogs. For each year, all the names have to start with the same letter and I was born in 2018, the O year.

Now, the question is, does my name fit me well ? Am I a problem ? My Human will say that this name is perfect for me. Do I agree ? I have to say that I am a little different. I don’t follow the pack. If I’m called and there is something more interesting, I will definitively go go the other way and investigate. I am always the last one out. It’s like I have an attention deficit syndrome. But for sure, not for food! If I hear the rattle of the metal bowls, the noise of the food in the bowls, you can be sure I will be there, first in line !

Enough about my name. I accept it and will live with it. Now, a little more about myself. I am definitely a handsome male Coton. My dad is the famous Dream who is a grand champion. My mom is Hannah Banana (another strange name…). I have 3 best friends, Zen, the fluffy one, who is doing so well in the ring that he is already a champion ; the one my Human grooms every day, poor Zen ! Then, there is Oly, my favorite. She is small, happy, always smiling. And the other one is Fibi who is from Denmark and came to live with us. She is the serious one but she can be funny. We are always together unless Fibi or Oly are in heat (I like to be a boy, I don’t have this problem !) My Human calls us the Musketeers. ‘One for all, all for one ’  is our motto ! I am sure, we will become very famous, specially when we are in trouble !

I don’t really like to be groomed but I tolerate it. It takes 30 minutes to become all fluffy and 5 minutes to be back to normal, not so fluffy and a little dirty. I can’t wait to play in the yard ; to be the first to find a hole and dig in ! I am sure my Human will be asking me many times ‘OUPS …. what are you doing ! ‘

One weekend, with my friends, we went to Frederiction (New Brunswick) for a dog show. We all travelled very well in the car and we were angels in the motel. My Human was very pleased with us except when we discovered that the door of the crate was not locked and we decided to go for a romp around the place!

At the show, of course, Zen did very well and of course, Oly and Fibi got some points. Of course, I got nothing…. but, a lot of fun ! I smiled at the judges, my tail was always wagging and I helped my friends get points ! What’s the problem ? My Human told me that I will not be coming back because I don’t really look like a show dog. Who cares ? I will become a famous stud and I will be the daddy of beautiful puppies AND I am sure I will like that.   More little happy OUPSs in the world ; that’s what we need !

My Dad, Dream

Dream   Juillet 2010

My Mommy, Hannah-Banana

My best friends, Zen, Oly and Fibi

….. of course, me after a bath, yes …. a bath, when I was a little puppy…..

 I’ll be seeing you one of these days !

Polana Cotons & Pons

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