CFC Ch Polana Surprise

 Surprise was born August 23, 2003.  She is now 10 years and 3 months.  Her parents are Oudini de l’Oasis des Cotonniers and Riverport Olympic Dance Polana (Boule).  She was from a litter of 2 puppies females.

Surprise's father, Oudini

Surprise's mother, Boule

 I don ‘t really remember why I decided to keep her.  But, it was a very good decision !    She was a very nice and happy puppy and she became attached to me very quickly.

 I showed her few times.  She was not really enjoying to be in the ring.  She is more a girl who loves to stay home with me.  She became a CFC champion, had great comments from the judges and after that, her show life was over.

Surprise, young female

She gave me beautiful and healthy puppies.  She was a wonderful mother, very calm.  I kept one girl from her, Bambino, who is as good as her mother .  Surprise and Bambino love their puppies, they also love any puppy !  As soon as they see one, they just want to be with him…

Surprise, Super-mother

 She has a beautiful coat, easy to groom.  She is healthy, I never had to go to the vet with her.

 Surprise is spayed since now may years.  She enjoys to be with me.  We call her Pantoufle (in English, Sleeper…)  Her favorite activity :  to sleep close to me.  She also sleeps on my bed.   During the night, if for any reason, I cannot sleep,  I take her in my arms for a big hug and go back to sleep.   In the morning, she is the one who will hide in the blankets, hoping I will forget her…

I am sure, there will be many more years for me to enjoy her company !

Surprise, November 2013



Polana Cotons & Pons

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