by Lary D. Brown

When we had our first PON Zoo, we discovered very quickly the best way to give him exercise was to play catch with a ball.  Every night, it is now a tradition in our house.  Zoo and Cali play tag team, waiting for each other, helping the one another to catch and if missed, diligently and methodically locate the ball, nose down, sniffing every square inch of the pen and rarely giving up till one of them has found it. Then triumphantly returning to the master’s hand a well-chewed, sopping wet and usually very dirty ball to be once more bounced off the walkway for yet another round of chase and retrieve! 

Because we started to play ball with our PONs in 1995, you can imagine how many of them have been lost, misplaced and in most cases destroyed.  We tried different kinds but I think, we found lately THE BEST ball for our game of toss and retrieve.  Let us give you a summary of our exhaustive research.

First, how about trying a tennis ball.  The PONs like, in fact love tennis balls.  Good size to fit in their mouth and rebound very well.  In the snow however they disappear quickly because of their weight.  Most important, you must buy top quality or it won’t be long before they will be destroyed.

A street hockey ball, you know the orange fluro ball is a solid candidate.  PONs also seem to enjoy this ball.  But, I worry a little when I noticed one-day canine puncture holes.

The racket-ball, very nice! I like to throw this one.  Good rebounds, which surprise Zoo and Cali.  Although nice rebounds have a tendency to bound easily over the fence and disappear into the trees.  Also, because of its rather small size, with the PONs natural instinct to chew, I am afraid they will one day it may just appear out the`other end`!

One day while shopping for something different, I lucked upon a soft latex version for my puppies; bigger than a tennis ball with vibrant colours and a squeaky sound.  I decided to try this one with Zoo and Cali, et voila, THE BEST!!!!!!  Good size fits perfectly in their mouth, nice sound, nice to chew, seems to be very solid, great rebounds even on the snow, and it will not disappear!  The only problem I can see with this ball is when Misha, our young female, misses the catch, the ball rebounds off her nose and it goes sailing over the fence!

 With all its qualities, I wanted to be sure I had a good provision.  So, I went to the store and bought a dozen of them… and still I wonder, where do they all disappear!




Polana Cotons & Pons

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